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Love the Mutt You're With

What exactly is a mutt? And, is it possible to love the mutt you're with?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, A mutt is any dog that's a combination of different breeds, rather than one identifiable breed.        

Love the Mutt You're With Paramount PetsYour beloved mutt might be as big as a Golden Retriever but with short, Corgi-like legs.                                                                                                                                                      In the late 1800s, mutt was a derogatory term meaning either "stupid person" or "stupid dog." But now, we don't see the term mutt, when used with dogs, as a derogatory term. It's more of a term of endearment. 












Love the Mutt You're With ParamountPets


Heinz 57 is a term often used when talking about a mixed breed dog. This too has been used as a derogatory term for dogs, but has also become a term of endearment for our beloved pets.

Also, "lovable mutt" is often heard in regards to both dogs and humans. It can be a term of endearment for either.

So whether you dog is a purebred, a Heinz 57, or a lovable mutt, I hope you are having as much fun with them, as I am with mine.

I tend to use the terms "BooBoo" and Sweat Pea" for the two dogs I have now. What do you call your pets? And what are they?






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